1. Open Nautilus and navigate to the archive you would like to decompress.
  2. Right click on the file that has been compressed using zip or gzip. Select 'Open With Archive Manager'. (Note that a compressed file type such as a zip file is often referred to as an 'archive' within the Ubuntu Linux environment and technical communities.)
  3. A new window will open from which you can either browse the contents or extract them (see Figure 10).

    Figure 10: Either browse or extract the archive from this window.

  4. Left click on the 'Extract' button to extract the contents.
  5. Navigate to the location to which you would like the files extracted using the navigation window (see Figure 11).

    Figure 11: Navigate to where you would like the file extracted and then click 'Extract'.

  6. Left click the 'Extract' button on the bottom right of the window to complete the process.