The following guides provide step-by-step instructions for using the tools in BitCurator. 

See the BitCurator Walkthrough page for additional context, as well as information on how to use these tools as part of a workflow.


Imaging and Recovery Guides 

Forensics and Reporting Guides

Packaging and Transfer Guides

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  1. The Contents here don't quite match up with the page tree for this section

  2. I worry slightly about creating this hierarchy and having to fit guides created in the future into them. At the same time I think the categories are really helpful for matching up a process or step to a full workflow. I wonder if we could achieve this with labels? Have all of the step by step guides on the same level, and then add labels for what "type" of guide they are (and then we can add multiple labels if guides fit in multiple places)

  3. Oops - now that I have gone one step further I see that there is a prototype of a flat view already here (smile)