• Official documentation related to the MetaArchive Cooperative as an organization is on the MetaArchive website. 
  • Working documentation related to the everyday business of MetaArchive can be found in Google Docs.
  • Technical documentation and workflows covering how to do digital preservation is here in Confluence.
  • As a principle, we try to make as much of our documentation safely available as we can, so that the larger digital preservation community can benefit.
  • By joining MetaArchive, you can contribute to our documentation by signing up with the Community Facilitator.

Where to find the documentation you need:

  • Technical information (ingest process, setting up and maintaining servers, etc.) is here in this wiki in Confluence
    • How MetaArchive Works includes "big picture" guides on how MetaArchive members preserve digital content, including overviews, technical specifications, and which member institutions use which tools in their workflows.
    • Technical Workflows are step-by-step guides on how to complete certain tasks, including preparing content for ingest, ingesting and monitoring content, and resolving problems.
    • Knowledge Base pages serve as a glossary and include information about individual terms and tools, as well as best practices and additional contextual information that is helpful.
    • Network Administration (restricted) pages include technical workflows for network administrators.  If you need access to these pages, please contact the Community Facilitator.
    • Technical Team (restricted) pages include technical documentation for MetaArchive central staff developers. If you need access to these pages, please contact the Community Facilitator.
    • Note that technical information included here is tagged with user roles:

Using and editing this wiki:

  • Anyone can read through the public pages of this Confluence site, and suggest changes by contacting the Community Facilitator.
  • Members of MetaArchive can contact the Community Facilitator request access to:
    • edit this Confluence site
    • see and edit documents in Google Docs
  • Members interested in improving documentation are invited to join the Documentation Committee!

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