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This is a list of scripts created by BitCurator users that assist with digital forensics tasks and activities. If you have a script you would like added to the library, please contact us or post in our Google Group

Guymager Log Parser

Euan Cochrane

Script to parse and process Guymager logs in bulk

KryoFlux Disk Format ID

Euan Cochrane

This program is intended to help to identify floppy disk formats. It takes a folder of KryoFlux stream files as input.

Relevant Resource: Floppy Disk Format Identifier Tool (blog post)


Dianne Dietrich

Utility to parse hfsutils output and produce DFXML for HFS-formatted disk images

Relevant Resource: Advanced Topics - Scripting in BitCurator (webinar, slides)

Jarrett Drake

What are the key metadata points to extract from complex, multi-level born-digital records and later represent in EAD? This shell script extracts information from directories of digital content for use in the Descriptive Identification element wrapper.

Relevant Resource: Advanced Topics - Scripting in BitCurator (webinar, slides)


John Durno

Sample scripts for acquiring and processing floppy disk images

Relevant Resource: Digital Archaeology and/or Forensics: Working with Floppy Disks from the 1980s (paper)


Matthew Farrell, Kam Woods

Scripts (bash, Python) developed to automate processes


Walker Sampson

Generate file system event timelines from a collection of disk images automatically, and collects the individual timelines into a master CSV file

Relevant Resource: Aggregating Temporal Forensic Data Across Archival Digital Media (paper)
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