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Creating a Disk Image Using GuymagerSam MeisterNov 18, 2019
Using Nautilus for Data TriageSam MeisterApr 16, 2018
Configuring BitCurator to enable users to authenticate with Active Directory accountsSam MeisterMar 30, 2017
Access and Export Files from Disk ImagesSam MeisterFeb 28, 2017
Find Potentially Sensitive Information with Bulk Extractor ViewerSam MeisterFeb 28, 2017
Generate Filesystem Metadata as DFXMLSam MeisterFeb 28, 2017
Generate BitCurator Forensic ReportsSam MeisterApr 29, 2016
Generate an Annotated Features ReportSam MeisterApr 29, 2016
View and export information from HFS-formatted disk imagesSam MeisterApr 26, 2016
View, edit, and export metadata from image filesSam MeisterApr 25, 2016
Identify and delete duplicate filesSam MeisterApr 25, 2016
Share files to and from the BitCurator environmentSam MeisterApr 25, 2016
Safely Mount DevicesSam MeisterApr 25, 2016

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